Your next career is one resume away

Whether you're building a resume from scratch, trying to update an existing resume for a new position, or looking to change careers, your resume is the first thing a potential hiring manager will see. Our consultation will begin with a conversation about what you're looking to accomplish, then we'll determine the best manner to help you achieve that goal.

Types of Resumes


This is what most people use - a reverse listing of your jobs and experience, highlighting the major contributions or milestones during each position. This is good for those with a solid work history because it shows a consistent employment history. Recommended for lateral moves within the same job category, or a move one level up in responsibility.


If your work history is sporadic for whatever reason, or if you're targeting a significant change in job categories, the functional resume focuses on your skills and experience rather than your work history. The functional resume is generally built based on the job description desired. We can also work on summarizing all of your skills so you can tailor each resume for the desired position.


The combination resume uses a listing of your skills and expertise followed by a listing of your employment history. If you're at a mid-point in your career, this resume can highlight a stable work history, hide a sporadic work history, or showcase a continued work history with radically different responsibilities in each role. 

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