Mastered By Degrees: Bree

Bree has been fantasizing...


My release hovered near the edge waiting for the right instant to quiver throughout my body. I silenced the first cry but when my dorm room door opened and my roommate walked in, I could not silence the gasp of horror.


“Oh, god.” My voice shook. 

Her boyfriend peered over her shoulder, a smile tugging up the corner of his mouth.

The candles danced with the sudden rush of air. I grabbed for the covers but could not hide. I’d been caught. Heat, both from my humiliation and from the need still coursing through my body, exploded over my face. I couldn’t have been more mortified if I’d been discovered stealing money from the Sunday collection plate. 

“I’m so sorry.” The apology quivered on my lips. I clutched the sheet to my neck but wanted to dive underneath. I didn’t, however. Curiosity made me want to see their reactions. “I didn’t think you would be back tonight.”

Lily favored me with a delicious smile. “Don’t apologize on my account. Or cover up.” The molten heat in the depths of her midnight eyes seared my flesh but her smile was not one of evil mischief. It was one of pleasure. 

And interest.