General Reading of the Work in Progress (WIP)


General description

Nothing out of the ordinary - this is what it sounds like. We will look at your WIP as a reader would, maybe even as an editor or agent. We'll examine the WIP in its entirety. A synopsis can be included at the author's discretion, along with marketing blurbs. We'll provide a write-up of our impressions. We'll even keep an eye out for typos. 

Story development

Is the opening hook sufficient to pull the reader into the story? Is the plot original and well-executed? Is the right information, and the right amount of information, revealed when the reader needs to know it? Is the pacing and flow appropriate for the genre and/or target market? Is there a hint of the overall conflict of the book? Will this conflict be sufficient to sustain the plot for the length? If a romance, is the romance introduced or hinted at?  For the specific genre, are the appropriate elements integral to the story and writing? Could they be removed and the story remain whole? Are these elements blended into the story and narrative?  


Are your characters skillfully developed, three-dimensional and appropriate to the story? Do they have goals, motivation, conflicts and a unique voice? Does their dialogue sound true to their character? Are their actions and behaviors believable to the character developed? Are any genre specific elements essential to the character's role introduced in sufficient terms to make them seem natural and not forced?


Does the setting provide the right backdrop for the story? Does it enhance the story and narrative or does it distract the reader with long bits of narrative that breaks up the pacing? Is the description provided vivid, accurate and believable? Has the author built a world appropriate to the story and shown that world in sufficient terms?


Is the manuscript free of typos, grammatical errors, or format errors? Are the sentences varied in length and structure to keep the reading smooth? Is the writing style and voice unique and suited to the genre and story? Is it unique to the writer and used consistently throughout the story? Is the POV clear at all times? 

Turnaround Time

  • 2 days per 10,000 words
  • $10 per 10,000 words

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