Proofing and story development


General description

This level of editing will work for any stage of a work in progress, whether you have just a few chapters completed and are looking to get some feedback from a contest entry, or if you have a completed manuscript and want to get an opinion about its strengths and weaknesses.

Basic proofing

  • everything described in the Basic Proofing section.
  • light line editing suggestions

Basic proofing

Pacing and flow

  • scene/sequel follow through
  • transition between scenes or chapters
  • point of view (POV)
  • gradual build of plot, suspense or story
  • logistics continuity with characters, setting and overall plot

Character development

  • internal and external goals
  • motivation


  • one hour review of edits, character development, or plot development
  • additional brainstorming sessions can be purchased for $25/hour

Turnaround Time

  • 7 days per 7,500 words
  • $2.50 / page (250 words)

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